Singapore: A Paradise for Adventurous, Nature Lovers & Nightlifers!

pexels-photo-462342.jpegThe first foreign trip is always memorable, especially when it is your honeymoon. The newlyweds brimming with unbridled energy explore the new land, interact with different people, embrace lifestyle & cultural diversity. All the thoughts of traveling to a new place with the loved one make one super-excited for the trip, just as we were thrilled for our first international trip.

Singapore was on the top of our list because it offers varied tourist attractions to keep entertained almost every type of traveler. It has a nocturnal zoo, world’s largest orchid garden, world’s tallest indoor waterfall, 541-foot tall flyer, beautiful beaches, amazing theme parks, rocking nightlife & the list goes on…

Here’s what we loved and how we made the most of our Singapore trip:

Heading out of the Changi airport, we were not sure of what this beautiful land is going to offer us. Our mind was blank, having no expectations, but we were all set to get drenched in the rain of different experiences. We were welcomed by our driver at the airport as we booked a package through Cox and Kings.

Singapore pic.jpegThere was a twinkle in our eyes as we were moving towards the hotel. We could see a world so different from ours. Tall flashy buildings situated parallel to a river, gaudy markets, on-street restaurant bars and lighting everywhere. Our excitement doubled after entering the hotel as a wedding ceremony was going on in the restaurant area and we could hear people singing with joy and celebrating the event.

We stayed in Village Hotel Bugis on the Victoria street which is nearly at a distance of 2 km from Little India. It is a better option for vegetarians to stay near Little India as there are a very few eateries that serve vegetarian food in Singapore, while you get a plenty of options in the Little India market, from North Indian to South Indian food. Besides, Singapore seems to be a paradise for non-vegetarians, especially for seafood lovers.

The first day of our guided tour was dedicated to the Singapore City Tour, which included Cricket Stadium, Parliament House, Supreme Court, City hall, panoramic views of Marina Bay, and Singapore Flyer, which is a giant wheel that is “really” giant. Singapore Flyer offers a splendid view of Singapore.


Flyer.jpegMerlion, the national icon of Singapore, was also on the list, but due to some renovation & routine maintenance work, our visit to Merlion was canceled by the tour operator. We got disheartened to know this as we could not afford to miss the mythical symbol of Singapore, knowing its prominence.

After this half day city tour, we got ready for some more fun in the Gardens by the Bay, which is a futuristic nature park having hundreds of plants and trees. The Supertrees offer an enthralling Skywalk over the gardens and they are enough tall & amazing to mesmerize the onlookers. We really appreciate the creativity of presenting and enhancing the power of ‘Green’. But at the same time, you need to be careful with the plants. Mr. Gupta touched a plant (a cactus, lol) and he regretted later because his finger turned blue after some time. Luckily, nothing worse happened.

IMG-20151210-WA0007.jpgWe were exhausted by the evening, but still full of enthusiasm to explore the place on our own. We walked a mile to find a vegetarian restaurant and glad to spot one open-area restaurant, serving veg pastas, sandwiches and our much-loved beer. Well, that was enough to end the first day of our trip on a good note.

The second day of our trip was dedicated to Sentosa Island. The adventure began as soon as we boarded Mount Faber cable car. It started drizzling and we got uncertain whether we would be able to enjoy the shows or not, as the availability of most of them was subject to weather conditions. But we have been lucky enough to enjoy one and all because the drizzle stopped and the sky opened up after a while.

Dolphins welcomed us with their playful antics in the Dolphin Lagoon of Sentosa Island. Synchronized tail walking, dancing, jumping and entertaining people is all that they do. Though the act was cute, it is depressing on the other hand because we don’t know what these little creatures go through to learn the tactics.

pixsanta19After enjoying Dolphin show, we went to Underwater World. We walked through a transparent tunnel at the bottom of the sea with the amazing sight of thousands of sea creatures. This was the first time I so closely experienced the aquatic life – from crabs, turtles, jellyfishes, seadragons to sharks. We waited to capture the shark in a frame with us and we succeeded after a few shots.

(Sadly for the people planning to visit Singapore now, Dolphin Lagoon show and Underwater World are no more operational.)

In the evening, we spent some time on the Sentosa Island Beach, watching the sunset as the next on the list was ‘Wings of the Time’ and the show timing was 7 pm. So, we took a snack break afterward and geared-up for the show. Wings of the Time is a magnificent night laser water fountain show with 3D effects.


The best part of this show is the backdrop of an open sea. It feels simply amazing to watch the laser show on such a grand scale where you feel all the magical things coming to life. The world-class effects, the burst of fire, foot-tapping music, colorful lights will make you go gaga, just as it wooed us completely. Our second day ended on a majestic note after watching Wings of the Time. We had dinner in the same restaurant where we did the first night.

Contented with the second day of our trip, I was not expecting that a lot more fun is still left in store for us for the third day. I must say that I have never been so entertained in my life by any theme park and the credit goes to Universal Studios. It is a complete entertainment package with 24 rides and seven themed zones. You can feel your favorite Hollywood blockbuster movies coming to life and the best part is you can be a part of them.



After standing in the queue for more than 60 minutes, I thoroughly enjoyed the super realistic Transformers: The Ride-3D. It takes the riders in the middle of all the action and keeps them highly engrossed. The simulator ride and the projection technology are so powerful that you actually forget that you are in a ride and get completely involved in the scene because so much is happening around you.

After the action-packed Transformers ride, we entered the world of dinosaurs. This river raft ride may wet you but that’s worth it. I found this one fascinating because of the jungle look & feel. Overall, it was a pleasant experience to ride through the Jurassic Park in the circular raft crossing the animatic dinosaurs. You are advised to bring your own poncho or you can also purchase the same from the vending machine to save yourself from getting wet.


I was avoiding ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ ride because I knew it’s not for me but still, I went for it to accompany Mr. Gupta. Revenge of the Mummy is an adrenaline-pumping high-speed roller coaster ride, which is surely not for the faint-hearted. The sudden acceleration, breaks, climbing, jumping, twists & turns will keep your heartbeats elevated. Frankly speaking, I hardly saw anything in the ride & was just waiting for the end.

There are a number of other interesting rides in Universal Studios, Singapore like Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon etc. One day is not enough to make a visit to all the zones and rides. If possible, get the 2-day fun pass to enjoy the rides, shows, and attractions. We still regret not been to all the rides because of the shortage of time and that’s what motivates us to visit Singapore again. After having soup, noodles and potato chips, we bid goodbye to Universal Studios.



We explored the markets on day four and shop for our friends and relatives. We started with Haji lane, which was just a few minutes walk away from our hotel. It’s a colorful narrow alley with some independent fashion boutiques, cafes & restaurants. From there, we took a taxi and went straight to our favorite place ‘Little India’ to enjoy Indian cuisines. After trying Dosa, Sambar Vada and filter coffee in a South Indian restaurant, we went for shopping at Mustafa Centre.

You get almost everything in Mustafa and that too at bargain rates. From grocery, clothing, jewelry to gadgets, it has simply everything! Must shop for accessories for your friends from here. They gonna love it and it won’t dig a hole in your pocket either. Another thing that I loved shopping at Mustafa is perfumes. You get the authentic ones at a fair price.

Well, it was hell difficult to get yourself out of the shopping center but we had to do it because ‘Night Safari’ was lined up in our schedule of the day. I was super excited for Night Safari ever since we planned the trip because of the idea of closely observing animals on a tram when they are not caged thrills me. And guess what? It super exceeded my expectations. Universal Studios and Night Safari are the two not-to-be-missed things on a Singapore trip.

Safari entrance

This nocturnal zoo houses Indian rhinoceros, Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, fishing cats, leopards, Asian lions and thousands of other animals. They are made visible through a special light that resembles moonlight without disturbing or irritating animals. You have the option to explore this tropical forest either via tram or through walking trails on foot.

What I love about this zoo (besides the idea of seeing animals uncaged) is that it respects the day-night cycle of animals. Animals rest during the daytime and they are most active during the night hours. So, the park has been thoughtfully designed without disturbing their cycle and taking proper care of their habitat. Thumbs up to Night Safari!

Night safari

It was all good throughout the day but the trouble started when we started looking for Indian food. It was already late by the time we reached our favorite restaurant where we had dinner almost every day. It was closed. We walked through the streets in search of vegetarian food but we failed to locate even a single restaurant on the streets serving vegetarian food. We tried McDonald’s too, but surprisingly, they had nothing vegetarian, except for the French fries, which was our last hope to satiate our hunger. By that incident, we learned to keep some foodstuff in store for an emergency.

The fifth day was our departure day. We had our flight in the evening, so before ending the trip, we continued the fun. With the swimming costumes that I especially bought for the trip, I was ready to bask in the sun and take a dip in the swimming pool of the hotel. At the end of the swimming session, we decided to visit the Merlion Park on our own in the metro. We believe it’s a must to get clicked with the Merlion if you visit Singapore.
Depositing luggage at the hotel counter, we boarded metro from Bugis MRT to reach Merlion Park. After 2-3 attempts, we bought the tickets from the vending machine and enjoyed the metro ride experience.

After deboarding the metro and walking a few miles, we caught the sight of the Merlion. Our efforts didn’t go in vain as we succeeded in getting clicked with the iconic statue of Singapore in its renovation form. Our trip completed with this last stop and we boarded the metro back to reach the hotel and to finally put an end to this wonderful trip of ours.


On a concluding note, I would really recommend visiting Singapore for many reasons.

  • A 5-hour flight will take you to Singapore from Delhi. You don’t have to spend too much time in flight.
  • A trip to Singapore can be done in 2 Lac Rupees for a couple (we did in December 2015). You can get a plenty of cheapest Singapore tour package options.
  • Singapore offers good nightlife too. Visit Marina Bay Sands, Club Street, Clarke Quay & Sentosa Beach Bars to rock the night.
  • Singapore is a must to enjoy Universal Studios and Night Safari.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to travel and above all, Singapore is safe.

First-time international travelers can book Singapore package online to make their vacation smooth. Otherwise, I would recommend preparing an itinerary, set a budget and get set go on your own.

For any query related to Singapore tour plan, please leave us a comment.

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  1. Nice information. I am confused between Malaysia and Singapore for my honeymoon. Please suggest.

    1. I would rather suggest to go on a Singapore-Malaysia tour if budget is not a constraint. Otherwise, I prefer Singapore over Malaysia because it has almost everything to make an indelible honeymoon trip – Beaches, Clubs, Amusement Parks, Shopping Hubs, Fine Dining Restaurants & a lot more !!

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