I Relocated to Sarahan – Why and How it feels to be here!

And we have shifted to Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh…

Breaking out the shell and stepping out of the comfort zone is always painful, but what’s worse is being stuck in a stagnant life. I don’t fear change; I don’t fear challenges. I fear mundane, meaningless and monotonous life.

I was enjoying life at its max when I planned to shift to Sarahan. My personal and professional life, both were at ease. For some people, my life was simply perfect. But behind the happiness lies my die-hard desire to do something big in life, which I firmly believe cannot be achieved in the comfort of the couch.

Comfort makes one content and that’s when the scope of growth dies because growth demands novelty, adventures, risks, discoveries. I do not want to be satisfied with the worldly pleasures; I’m keen to feed my inner self. I’m in search of inner satisfaction.

View from my balcony on a cloudy day !!

Coming to this beautiful land, I realized I made a correct decision. Sarahan is a beautiful small town wrapped in the cocoon of peace and serenity and soaked in the beauty of nature. It is a paradise for nature lovers.

Jalebiiiiii 🙂

I love this place for its changing weather. Every day, I wake up to be astonished by the beauty of nature. Sometimes, I get to see the long standing snow blanketed mountains and sometimes, I get to see dense fog. Every day, nature gifts a beautiful scenery to enliven the inside of me. That’s a real treat of shifting to Sarahan.

For me, the fortunate days are those when the sun rises bright and the golden rays fall on the peaks of the mountains to give a crisp clear view of the Shrikhand range. The tall standing mountains symbolize the existence of the supreme power, the God. It solidifies my belief that yes, He is there, looking at us all the time.

I love to watch sunsets here. The palette of sunset is full of rich colours that leaves me spellbound. Every time, there is a new blend of colours. I bow my head to the level of creativity Mother Nature shows.

Coming to our daily schedule, we wake up in the morning around 5.30 AM. After getting freshen-up, we do some yoga and exercises. Then, sitting in the balcony with a cup of tea in hand while looking at the mountains, we discuss life. This is how amazing our mornings are.

Talking about the evenings, we walk around a mile to get natural spring water for drinking. I feel really blessed and close to nature while having milk, water and food at its purest form.

This is the natural spring water that comes from underground aquifers.

Our landlord has farms where they grow Bitter Gourd, Cucumber, Garlic, Kidney Beans, Corns, Pumpkins, Pears, Japanese fruit and most importantly apples. We get all these fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the farm.

Pear Tree

Most of the vegetables and fruits that we buy from the market are produced in the village, so everything is fresh and unadulterated.

I am also planning to grow some vegetables at my own under the guidance of my landlady. Let’s see when that happens. 🙂

Not just fruits and vegetables, Sarahan has plentiful of walnut trees. I saw some ladies and kids collecting something from the ground and I got astonished to see, they were collecting walnuts that have fallen from the trees. Lucky, the people of Sarahan are!

Besides the benefit of getting fresh food, water and of course fresh air, I believe this place is enfolded by positive aura that attracts nature lovers, artists, meditators, musicians and spiritual souls. One must visit Sarahan to feed soul with positivity.

I have planned to stay here for a few years to detoxify my inner self (physically and mentally), to gain better understanding of the Almighty, to get closer to Mother Nature, to boost my energy and channelize it in the right direct.

I hope I find my way! Thank you.

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